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10 (more) Reasons Why Skiing Is Better Than Snowboarding

One of the first blogs I wrote back in 2010 was 10 Reasons Why Skiing Is Better Than Snowboarding… honestly didn’t think much of it and for whatever reason that has been one of the most read and commented on posts I’ve written.

Which isn’t saying much.

Anyway, we’re here 4 years later (this time with a website!) and people are STILL commenting on it… not to mention that the world seems to be obsessed with lists lately… I decided to update it with 10 more reasons skiing rules!

10. Unofficial Networks has a list of reasons why snowboarding is better… they could only come up with 8. Math.

9. Instead of facing front you have to go down the hill sideways. The only animal I could think of that walks sideways is a crab. Crabs get dominated by other animals ALL the time.


8. Carrying your skis on one shoulder and your boots on the other just looks cooler than dragging your board across the parking lot.

7. If you’re going to crash, you might as well do it the right way. Yardsale with all your $hit flying all over the hill. Go big or go home.

6. Pond skimming is way too easy on a snowboard. Challenge yourself bro.

5. With all due respect to Art Of Flight… there’s no such thing as 80’s snowboard movies. Here is the trailer for Aspen extreme… “Top Gun On The Slopes”

4. More on the 80’s… it’s a privilege to rock a onsie, not a right.

3. Nails on a chalkboard, an ’89 Toyota Camry with shitty brakes, a snowboard scraping the mountain.

2. WTF is a shot-board? Exactly.


You  can never have too many snow bunnies hopping around.

You can never have too many snow bunnies hopping around.


The Top 5 Best (And Worst) Dating Apps To Use Skiing

We’ve all been there… “Hey! Let’s go on a ski weekend with a bunch of cool people!”… and BOOM… you find yourself surrounded by 18 other people of the same sex, in a cabin for the weekend, playing endless rounds of flip cup. So why not try out some random dating app and search for some friendly opposite sex company?? Works. Every. Time.

If by works you mean finds you the creepiest person you can think of and by every time meaning you already had it downloaded on your phone in the first place. Then yea, 50% of the time it works every time.


Oh, you like shotskis? So do these girls.

So here is a list of the best and worst dating apps to use skiing. *Disclaimer* NO research was done on ANY of these sites prior to this article being published. Also, our website has nothing to do with online dating but you should check it out anyway! 


5) – Really?? REALLY?! Are you looking for love on  a ski weekend?? Plus there is a 90% chance the weird guy from the commercials is going to pop out from behind a tree while you’re skiing glades and scare the absolute shit out of you.

4) JDate – Nothing wrong with Jewish people looking for other Jewish love. But really, you’re limiting yourself here… to probably about 11% of the whole mountain. Not to mention you’ll probably have to end up meeting that persons mom on Sunday before you drive home.

3) CraigsList – Ever been on the CraigsList personals?? Me either…


2) Chat Roulette – Not sure this even qualifies as a dating site but to describe it as an “experience” is an understatement. Plus, whatever naked person (98% of the time it will be a guy) you get matched with probably isn’t in your time zone let alone zip code.

1) Friend Finder – Can anything make you sound more desperate than Friend Finder?? I didnt think so. Maybe just “Im Desperately Looking To Find Friends, Lets Hang Out Now!”? Cant wait to meet your creepy self…


5) Farmers Only – This is probably the most brilliant website ever. And no, you don’t technically have to be a farmer to log on.

4) – Only putting this on here because they give you options for what you’re looking for ranging from “Casual Sex” to “Lets Get Married IMMEDIATELY”. But lets be realistic, you’re looking for the former.

3) Plenty Of Fish – Plenty of fish in the sea… plenty of guys on the mountain. Have fun girls, it’s a meat market out there.

2) OK Cupid – Better than POF in that a) you can search keywords like, “ski / skier / skiing” and b) this is what I used to turn my profile into an ad for the ski house and found all the single girls who ski within a 50 mile radius to fill it up with. BOOM.

1) Tinder – I mean c’mon… did you really expect anything else?! You can literally swipe until your thumbs hurt, you’re only talking to people who actually want to talk to you back, and Ke$ha wrote a song about it. Tinder is the gold standard for online dating on the mountain.


These girls DEFINITELY use Tinder

Choose wisely my friend… there are lots of different paths down the mountain, out of your ski gear, and into the hot tub. And you’re one swipe away from the apres of your life!

The Chronicles: It Started Before Blue

5 months ago I quit my job, moved out of my apartment & onto my best friends couch, and with one of my buddies put all our life savings into an idea… Ski Till I Die.

This past weekend, the last 5 months of work finally culminated with our first official on-mountain event at the Blue Mountain Mogul Challenge in PA. It was one of the most rewarding days of my life.

We got there early, one of the few times in my life with the exception of Christmas where I couldn’t wait to wake up at 5am to get to the mountain. The lodge was buzzing with skiers, the registration table was busy, and the snowmobiles were ready to go. The course was netted off, the moguls were stepped out perfectly, and it was 6 degrees outside…

I really had no idea what to expect. Would people like the concept, would they trash it, were we even going to sell any merchandise? It was all a blank slate.

We had the tent set up, the merchandise out on the tables, and stickers galore. Now all the was left to do was hold our breath and hope people would actually get the brand and appreciate what we were trying to do.

As the competition started up the skiers started trickling into the tent to check out what we were all about. Different people, same question: so what exactly is this Ski Till I Die business?

Answering that question comes as naturally as putting tracks down a first run. It’s a brand that speaks to the love of the mountain, the passion for the snow, and being able to appreciate skiing and everything that encompasses it. Ski Till I Die is more than an idea, it’s a brand about an attitude and a way to live. We aren’t Spyder, we aren’t North Face, we are built by the skiers who get it, for the skiers who get it. And everyone at Blue Mountain got it.

All day we sat at the finish line taking videos, snapping photos, and having a blast. I had never had so much fun at a day in the office in my entire life. I hope the office stays at the mountain because that is where we belong.

The mogul competition basically served as our expo center. There were 60 bumpers ripping up the course all day long. Knees together, quiet upper body, and hucking the air at the bottom – that’s my kind of corporate presentation & Blue did it the right way.

We finished things off properly… in the lodge for the Apres Ski celebration and the ceremony of awards. Win or lose all you saw were smiles all around. Everyone was just happy to have been able to rip a few runs against some healthy competition and that’s how it should be. We were just happy that the skiers, the mountain, and just about everyone else welcomed Ski Till I Die with open arms. The competition was a huge success and so was our inaugural  on-mountain experience.

It started 5 months before we got to Blue, but they confirmed it. I’m not saying we made it to the summit yet, there is still a lot of work to be done. But being at Blue for that competition was a great start and confirmed that we have a chance.

Thank you everyone at Blue for the overwhelming support. If you missed the mogul competition keep looking for Ski Till I Die at a mountain near you and the next competition you enter might have a sponsorship attached to it. If nothing else, we’ll be back at Blue for their Bump & Jump on March 5th for some fun in the sun and perfectly stepped out moguls for all to enjoy.

Cheers & keep shredding!