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The Top 5 Best (And Worst) Dating Apps To Use Skiing

We’ve all been there… “Hey! Let’s go on a ski weekend with a bunch of cool people!”… and BOOM… you find yourself surrounded by 18 other people of the same sex, in a cabin for the weekend, playing endless rounds of flip cup. So why not try out some random dating app and search for some friendly opposite sex company?? Works. Every. Time.

If by works you mean finds you the creepiest person you can think of and by every time meaning you already had it downloaded on your phone in the first place. Then yea, 50% of the time it works every time.


Oh, you like shotskis? So do these girls.

So here is a list of the best and worst dating apps to use skiing. *Disclaimer* NO research was done on ANY of these sites prior to this article being published. Also, our website has nothing to do with online dating but you should check it out anyway! 


5) – Really?? REALLY?! Are you looking for love on  a ski weekend?? Plus there is a 90% chance the weird guy from the commercials is going to pop out from behind a tree while you’re skiing glades and scare the absolute shit out of you.

4) JDate – Nothing wrong with Jewish people looking for other Jewish love. But really, you’re limiting yourself here… to probably about 11% of the whole mountain. Not to mention you’ll probably have to end up meeting that persons mom on Sunday before you drive home.

3) CraigsList – Ever been on the CraigsList personals?? Me either…


2) Chat Roulette – Not sure this even qualifies as a dating site but to describe it as an “experience” is an understatement. Plus, whatever naked person (98% of the time it will be a guy) you get matched with probably isn’t in your time zone let alone zip code.

1) Friend Finder – Can anything make you sound more desperate than Friend Finder?? I didnt think so. Maybe just “Im Desperately Looking To Find Friends, Lets Hang Out Now!”? Cant wait to meet your creepy self…


5) Farmers Only – This is probably the most brilliant website ever. And no, you don’t technically have to be a farmer to log on.

4) – Only putting this on here because they give you options for what you’re looking for ranging from “Casual Sex” to “Lets Get Married IMMEDIATELY”. But lets be realistic, you’re looking for the former.

3) Plenty Of Fish – Plenty of fish in the sea… plenty of guys on the mountain. Have fun girls, it’s a meat market out there.

2) OK Cupid – Better than POF in that a) you can search keywords like, “ski / skier / skiing” and b) this is what I used to turn my profile into an ad for the ski house and found all the single girls who ski within a 50 mile radius to fill it up with. BOOM.

1) Tinder – I mean c’mon… did you really expect anything else?! You can literally swipe until your thumbs hurt, you’re only talking to people who actually want to talk to you back, and Ke$ha wrote a song about it. Tinder is the gold standard for online dating on the mountain.


These girls DEFINITELY use Tinder

Choose wisely my friend… there are lots of different paths down the mountain, out of your ski gear, and into the hot tub. And you’re one swipe away from the apres of your life!


Fresh Pow: The Mountain vs.

Lets begin by continuing the story I had written about ‘my first time’. To bring us back there quickly; it was Holiday Valley and I was 15 years old.

All weekend I kept seeing this same girl over and over. Wherever I went there she was, shredding it with the boys. White puffy jacket and long brown hair, flying through the trees and always just out of reach.  Well obviously I had to catch her somehow… I was never one to let things get away.

So the last day we were there we were skiing up in Tannenbaum again and my buddy Graham spotted her, “There she is Bones!”. I had one chance to catch her. So I hurried off the lift and started cruising down the mountain until I caught up to her. Were both skiing down the mountain at a pretty decent speed and I did what any normal 15 year old high school kid would do. I pulled in front of her and orchestrated one of the best yardsales of my life. Skis went flying, gear ended up in the woods, it was one of those that catches OH S$&T from the lift crashes, and when the powder settled it was just her and me…

It was genius! Of course she is going to stop and help me, and what better way to start a conversation! I ended up skiing the rest of the day with her and had a wonderful time of it. This girl ended up being my Senior Prom date and to this day not only are we still great friends, but she insists that my fall was an accident. Little does she know…

Which brings me to our next topic of conversation…

Dating & The Mountain

These days everyone is online., Plenty of fish, and a whole slue of others. Are you kidding me?! Are we really that busy we cant meet people in person anymore??

On a side note I am a hypocrite because I actually did, twice… both times failed. I always attributed online dating to shopping because essentially thats what it is. You browse online until you find something you like… you check out their profile and try it on. At this point you’re still digging it until you actually go on a date. Then you realize how terrible the decision was to use online dating. Listen, I get it… its efficient, its easy, its safe, and even when you are sitting at home un-showered of a Friday night… people are still online looking at the profile pic you posted up there from the beach 7 years and 20 pounds ago. But here is the point… EVERYTHING LOOKS BETTER IN THE STORE!!!

So why not try meeting people on the mountain?! Its perfect! If you love snow, then you would obviously want to be with someone else who shares the same affinity for snow, right? Then what better place is there to meet someone, than the mountain?!

All day long you ride up and down the mountain, stand in lines, use the chairlift time to chat, have lunch in the lodge, then finish it off with a cold one before you head home. That right there is a recipe for success my friend.

You meet someone who strikes your interest in the lift line. Leave your friends and pretend to be a single and say, “hey, mind if I ride up with you guys?”. Then you have a solid 7 minutes (2:30 if you live in Ohio) to sit there and just talk this person up: where are you from, what do you do, isn’t the snow awesome today?! Then right before you pop off to head back down no one is going to say, “no, we DONT want you to ski with us”. For some reason it just doesn’t happen that way. So after skiing together for a few hours you finish things off in the perfect setting; at the bar for some apres ski enjoyment…. maybe by the fire, who knows. Then BAM, the second date is a phone call away.

Im actually surprised more people don’t end up meeting at the mountain. Maybe its because were too comfortable within our own groups to branch out -or- that were so used to clicking through profiles we just don’t care anymore. But I’m telling you, if you only read and adherer the advice from 1 story, read and heed this one!

For more dating services and advice I can be reached at and until next time fellow lovers of the fresh tracks – Cheers!