ski gear with a retro look, vintage feel, die hard attitude.

Our Story Is Our Mission…

Ski Till I Die is a lifestyle – it’s for us.  We understand that skiing is more than simple recreation. It’s not a name, its not an idea, It’s a brand about attitude and a way to live.

Because when you get to the mountain, there are family outings, snow bunnies, Apres Skiwarriors, ski schoolers, jean skiers, the “is he really wearing all yellow” skiers; and then there’s the crew with duct tape on their gloves. Those are the ones who get it.

And thats awesome. All those elements, attitudes, and styles are what makes skiing fresh. We’re an inclusive community who always look to school people about what it means to get it.  Skiing brings people together. People who never woulda met, or had a beer together, meet with duct tape on their pants, all at the same place. These guys share the common interest to think snow.

If you hear about a snow day and you skip school or ditch work – this is for you. If you made it over The Gap in a foot of snow to get to the mountain – this is for you. If you party until 3 and wake up at 7 to zip up your jacket – this is for you.

I’m gonna SKI TILL I DIE and there’s no turning back. So click in your bindings and shred the gnar.


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