ski gear with a retro look, vintage feel, die hard attitude.

Ski Gabber: Finding The Hole

Nothing besides actually skiing is easy in ski gear.

Walking sucks, not going downhill is exercise, and God help you if you have to go to the bathroom… Among other things.

I was taking some adult liberties last weekend on the mountain… In the beverage capacity that is… When utilizing the facilities became a necessity.

Thank Jesus my retro onesie has a double zipper… But I still had to dig through 37 layers just to find the hole! When I finally found Mr. Jones it was one of the most rewarding feelings in the world! A triumphant endeavor indeed… Which is what finding the hole really turns out to be no matter the circumstance.

It’s 3am, the front door is locked, you pull your keys out. Hole. Boom.

It’s 330, you’ve had a few too many, the lights are off… among other things. Hole. Boom.

It’s 845, foot of fresh pow, you’re in the trees. Shoot the hole. Boom.

It’s 1017, you’re on the 13th green, you’re sitting 8 hitting 9 (on a par 3). Hole. Boom.

Really… Doesn’t matter when, where, or how. When you find the hole you find yourself an accomplishment. Strapping in, carving up, shooting one down. The hole is the hole. Its never easy and finding it is half the battle otherwise we wouldn’t even suit up for the game.

Catch you out there champion of OH’s.


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