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Fresh Pow: The Must Shred List of 2012

Now a day’s everyone has their must do lists… bucket list, Christmas list, people I need to hook up with before they get married list. Lot’s of lists, all of them different, each one important to whoever came up with it. But not every one needs to be followed, addressed, and obeyed. This one isn’t the rule, but it is the exception… and before you start your hate-a-thon – the West Coast version is coming.

Without further delay… The Ski Till I Die Must Shred List of 2012:

10. Holiday Valley, NY

This was the first real mountain I ever skied. It was the ski trip I ever went on. And it gave me some of the best memories on skis I can ever remember. From   their signature double black diamond run, The Wall, to the late night tree skiing under the lights on Tannenbaum… Holiday Valley is legit – and I hear the apres ski is some of the best you’ll find. If you ever stumble into Western New York give it a shot for the weekend. My brother from Cleveland will even meet you out for a run or two.

9. Middlebury Snow Bowl, VT

Home mountain for Middlebury College. 3 lifts, 18 runs, and one day of fun. Meet some of the Middlebury College co-eds, have them give you a look around, and if that doesn’t work out – check out the Blue Spruce for nightly accommodations.

8. Mt. Cranmore, NH

This was the first mountain I ever should have skied. I got bronchitous and my parents made me stay home. I was 7. 20 years later it’s a personal vendetta.

7. Jay Peak, VT

You want to hear a silly number? 400… 400 inches of natural snowfall a season. And they have a tram. The mile high club has NOTHING on Jay.

6. Tuckerman Ravine, NH

I was supposed to ski Tuckerman last season. Life got in the way and I never made it. Come this spring if you want to strap up with us, hike up for one glorious run, and then party like we’re living on borrowed time (because after you take off from the piste of this mountain you might be) then stay tuned. 2012 is the year of The Ravine.

5. Magic Mountain, VT

Love this mountain. Never say die attitude, friendly is an understatement, great back country, and awesome tree skiing.

4. Mad River Glen, VT

Ski It If You Can… over the gap, around the bend, into the lot, and up the single chair – only to come down again (and again and again) to enjoy a different kind of single chair. The base lodge is the #1 distributor of Magic Hat Single Chair in the country. Cheers!

3. Urban Jungle

Sometimes you get dumped on and don’t have any other choice but to stay home. Thinking you can’t shred in your urban homeland is ridiculous. Find a cliff, climb your roof, and get a camera.

2. Lift Line

Woods. Pico. No regrets. Ski it if you can find it. And after you do, find me at Casey’s Caboose for some wings and a few cold ones. Killington apres is second to none.

1. Hickory Ski Center

Hickory is one of those places you don’t want to tell your friends about. It’s like the middle school relationship you had to keep quiet otherwise your after school make outs behind the candy store would vanish faster than you found yourself getting home late every day. But if you never say anything about it; who else are you going to enjoy it with…

If you find yourself skiing one mountain this year, pick Hickory – you won’t regret it.

See you fools on the hill, or at the bar. Most likely the bar but who’s counting. Cheers!


One response

  1. I knew Hickory would make your list. Nice!

    December 10, 2011 at 8:28 pm

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