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27 Reasons Why Ski Season Is Better Than Beach Season

Even this guy is waiting for winter.

Even this guy is waiting for winter.

Everyone seems to be obsessed with lists lately. 13 reasons your boyfriend left you… 20 movie stars from the 80’s you wish you slept with before the 90’s… a list of the worst buzzfeed lists. Without even searching that I swear to God one exists.


So as summer is coming into the home stretch I started thinking about my own list. What makes winter so much better than summer… and (with the help of my intern Grace – yes, you read that correctly – Ski Till I Die has an intern) here are the 27 reasons we came up with.


27. Summer only lasts for 3 months… ski season lasts for 6.

26. GNARNIA doesnt exist on the beach.

25. There is no such thing as “apres beach”.

24. Sand gets EVERYWHERE. And it sucks.

23. Goggle tans > Bathing suit tans

22. Seagulls dont ski. They fly south for the winter. That means during the entire summer they annoy the absolute $HIT out of you.

21. It’s impossible to be eaten by Jaws on the mountain. Unless you’ve seen Avalanche Sharks… in that case, you’re just F’d. Either way I would rather be eaten by wolves or bears.

20. You cant eat sand. Snow is delicious.

19. Snow men > Sand castles

18. You know that song ‘Summertime Sadness’…

17. Speaking of songs… all the girls you hear about in summer music, for whatever reason, always turn out to be huge whores. Notice a trend there??

16. I’d rather be on top of the mountain than under the board walk.

15. Bonfires in the snow are cooler than bonfires on the beach.

14. You can still hike a mountain in the summer. If you decide to jump in the ocean in the winter you will die.

13. Talking to girls on the mountain is way less creepy than trying to talk to girls on the beach.

12. Ferris wheels are gross. And sticky. Id rather have sex in a gondola.

11. Christmas in July is cool… Actual Christmas is cooler.

10. Tailgating on the mountain is 1,000 times more fun than sweating in the parking lot.

9. You are less likely to have someone blow a whistle at you for skiing out of bounds. And as a grown man, there is nothing I can think of that is more embarrassing than having a 16 year old tell you to get out of the water.

8. There is no Gaper day at the beach.

7. There is skiing and then there is spring skiing.

6. Have you ever ridden a snow mobile before??

5. You dont need an excuse for everyone to jump into the hot tub. Depending on how apres skiing went there is also a good chance that you can convince everyone topless is the way to go.

4. Nude beaches are full of disgusting people 9 out of 10 times.

3. You can’t catch crabs on the mountain. Plus, when you catch a wave you’ve usually been floating out in the middle of the ocean for :45 minutes and at that point most definitely lost your buzz.

2. Kids, fish, and whales pee in the ocean. We all learned early on to avoid yellow snow.

1. Without ski season you wouldn’t have anything to look forward to all summer.

The Chronicles: We’re BACK Baby!

Well… really we never left. Never stopped the party, never stopped ripping, and certainly never stopped living the dream that is Ski Till I Die.

Every time I’ve stepped onto the mountain this season I am not exaggerating when I tell you that at least half a dozen people would ask me about my gear, wondering where I got it and where they could get it. As flattering as it was; It got to the point where I couldn’t ignore it anymore. Which in turn is why I am taking the brand out of strictly wholesaling and bringing it back to where it belongs. With you.

Right now I will be taking pre-orders for my gear… the tees are all vintage soft style and more comfortable than the D.A.R.E t-shirt you’ve had in your drawer for the last  decade. Available colors are the following: neon yellow, neon green, turquoise, white, gray, black, purple, and red – on any design you want. The cost is going to be $30 per tee.

Copy and paste this link to check out the catalog:

And once you decide what you want, shoot me an email:

Happy shredding!!

Ski Gabber: Finding The Hole

Nothing besides actually skiing is easy in ski gear.

Walking sucks, not going downhill is exercise, and God help you if you have to go to the bathroom… Among other things.

I was taking some adult liberties last weekend on the mountain… In the beverage capacity that is… When utilizing the facilities became a necessity.

Thank Jesus my retro onesie has a double zipper… But I still had to dig through 37 layers just to find the hole! When I finally found Mr. Jones it was one of the most rewarding feelings in the world! A triumphant endeavor indeed… Which is what finding the hole really turns out to be no matter the circumstance.

It’s 3am, the front door is locked, you pull your keys out. Hole. Boom.

It’s 330, you’ve had a few too many, the lights are off… among other things. Hole. Boom.

It’s 845, foot of fresh pow, you’re in the trees. Shoot the hole. Boom.

It’s 1017, you’re on the 13th green, you’re sitting 8 hitting 9 (on a par 3). Hole. Boom.

Really… Doesn’t matter when, where, or how. When you find the hole you find yourself an accomplishment. Strapping in, carving up, shooting one down. The hole is the hole. Its never easy and finding it is half the battle otherwise we wouldn’t even suit up for the game.

Catch you out there champion of OH’s.

M.T.N, I Love You

For those of you living under a rock or suffering from a clinical case of depression; yesterday was Valentines Day.

If you were like me you were inundated with pictures of flowers, food, hugs, kisses, and a plethora of other -you should keep it to yourself because no one cares metaphors- captioned with the ever constant, “I love you”.

I read an interesting article in the New York Times citing that this past year more people actually broke up on Facebook than ended up in relationships… Besides thinking that was hysterical it got me thinking.

What do I really love?? Or sans that, who do I really love that isn’t going to end up as a status update??

Well, my Mom was my valentine but that doesn’t count.

I also love wine, happy hour, cover bands, and Internet porn.

But you know what.. I’d have to say that my one true love… That, ill always be there, I can be your little spoon whenever you want, let’s run away together kind of love… Is the mountain.

The mountain isn’t going anywhere. Just when I think the relationship is over in comes a fresh 3 feet of that -I can’t sleep, let’s make breakfast in the lift line, bring out the fattys- kind of dump.

The honeymoon stage never ends with the mountain. It gives me that warm and fuzzy roller coaster feeling every time I put down my goggles. Every turn. Every time.

The mountain doesn’t have to call back. It updates it’s conditions every hour just to let me know it’s ok.

You can’t have sex with the mountain. But you can do it on the gondola with someone you’ve just met there!

The list goes on and on… And on some more.

I mean, I’m just saying… If Facebook is any indication; it’s time to embrace what will never disappoint you. And that one true love for me just happens to be skiing.

The View From Above: Perspective From 10,000 Feet

The last blog I wrote was February 1 of last season. Since then I’ve probably started about a dozen or so posts but haven’t been inspired enough to finish them. I like to take pride in what I write, finding meaning in what I have to say, and relevance in how it relates back to skiing.

Right now I am sitting at 40,000 feet on my way to Boston from Memphis as no flights were headed back to NYC today
and everything leaving the south, headed north, was canceled last night. A good ski buddy of mine from college is renting a car as we speak, on his way to pick me up from Rhode Island and then on our way to Killington to take advantage of this epic pre-New Year’s Eve blizzard.

I was privileged enough to be able to spend Christmas with my family. My brothers were in town from Ohio, Noni & Papa J arriving from Florida, and mom and dad just as I left them. I’m blessed…

But last night, after getting back home from the first canceled flight, my folks had a talk with me about priorities.

See, I was breaking my neck to do anything in my power to get back east and in whatever capacity available- trying to figure out a way to get to the mountain. Not even questioning my motives; their discussion got me thinking even more.

I didn’t sleep last night. It could have been a combination of just getting over the flu, that giddy feeling you get when you know a powder day is waiting for you in the AM, or just not being able to comprehend that I might be wrong…

See, this is the 5th straight year that I have welcomed a new year and a new beginning in Vermont. An annual trip I organize with 20 of my nearest and dearest friends to celebrate the year that was and the season that will be.

And after half a day of reflection I realized… Neither one of us is right or wrong- not me or my parents. That I have a responsibility to my ski family to make this trip happen. Whether you realize it or not, if you are as passionate about skiing as I hope you are… Your skiing companions, your friends, want to share moments like this together the way you want to spend Christmas with your family. But when you’re an outsider looking in, sometimes it’s hard to understand that concept.

When I look back at what it took and the support I needed for Ski Till I Die- my ski family was just as important as my parents, and grandparents, and brothers- to give it a shot. It was guidance and motivation from both sides that made me think it could even happen in the first place.

But even I had almost given up with this whole Ski Till I Die thing… too much time and money and effort- and for what?? And maybe Mom and Dad were right; my priorities werent where they needed to be aligned… But for what??

And that brings this story back full circle. Because in the last 6 weeks I have gotten more emails, and messages, and phone calls from people who want this, from my ski family who keeps pushing me along, to ever let it go!

It brought a whole new meaning back to making IT happen; whether its getting back to your roots, or your passion, or your life! It’s skiing!

And trust me when I tell you that Ski Till I Die isn’t going anywhere, it’s here to stay, and it’s about time we got back on this band wagon and started getting to it!

So lets rip this and make it happen!!!

Happy New Year everyone- see you on the mountain!!!

The Chronicles: What It Means To Get Away

Everyone deserves a second chance. At work, in relationships, in life.

The saying goes; fool me once, shame on me , fool me twice, I’m an @sshole. But in this case the second chance happens to be a ski house. And that house happens to be a sanctuary to call home.

When I was growing up my family had a house on Mt. Cranmore in New Hampshire. In the summertime we would head up there and catch tree frogs in the pool. Hike up to Diana’s Bath, and catch lightning bugs at night. When my grandparents passed away we were already living in Ohio and just couldn’t keep it. I never realized how much I missed, or took it for granted, until this season.

My one goal when I walked off the beach after Labor Day was to make this winter ski season better than summer. I was single, Ski Till I Die was starting to get big, and life was about as wonderful as it gets. What better way to perpetuate that than by getting a ski house with 10 friends for 6 months.


Things suck at work? Your significant other isn’t what you had hoped? Life in general, wherever you are, just sucks huh? Well… on the mountain, everything is alright. It’s your getaway. Time to think. Time to relax.

The skiing has been awful this season. Really. terrible. I can’t even tell you about a memorable dump so far this season. Oh, there has been some? Yea, not anywhere I’ve been so far. Don’t let that disappoint you. Find yourself a mountain cabin somewhere – someplace – because what’s made it alright has been this house.

Everyone gives me a lot of flack; and deservingly so. I own a ski company and I don’t ski. So what?! I ski when it means something. When there is a foot of fresh pow on the ground, believe I make first tracks. But right now? I’ve been to the house… Le Bon Apres as we call it… probably 10 times since November. And I’ve been on snow 3 days. That’s right, 3. And I’ll still ski circles around you. I find that when I get up to the cabin I am just as happy lounging in the hot tub, Apres-ing it at the bar, and relaxing by the fire as I am on the mountain.

Ski Till I Die is an idea. It’s a lifestyle. So if you cant live the life, then what’s the point? The point is… enjoy yourself. You have a chance to get away? Do it. You have an opportunity to relax and forget about all the bullsh*t that’s waiting for you back in Manhattan? Then do it! You want to shred some gnar in the meantime… then click in and put down those tracks.

Every single time I’m up there I think about my family house in Conway. It brings me back to the glory days with Grandma and Grandpa “O”. It helps me forget about anything that matters besides how many snowflakes are gonna fall through the ski and land on my face and get me cold again. Then I dunk in the hot tub and come back up with the smile on my face that says – yea, this is my home… I’ll be here until the snow melts and nothing else matters.

Getting away is important. Enjoying what you do is even more relevant. But doing both? Now that’s finding paradise. Away from anything else that matters. Because on the mountain, everything’s alright.

I’ll shred the gnar this season… but getting away to Le Bon Apres is just as important.


Fresh Pow: The Must Shred List of 2012

Now a day’s everyone has their must do lists… bucket list, Christmas list, people I need to hook up with before they get married list. Lot’s of lists, all of them different, each one important to whoever came up with it. But not every one needs to be followed, addressed, and obeyed. This one isn’t the rule, but it is the exception… and before you start your hate-a-thon – the West Coast version is coming.

Without further delay… The Ski Till I Die Must Shred List of 2012:

10. Holiday Valley, NY

This was the first real mountain I ever skied. It was the ski trip I ever went on. And it gave me some of the best memories on skis I can ever remember. From   their signature double black diamond run, The Wall, to the late night tree skiing under the lights on Tannenbaum… Holiday Valley is legit – and I hear the apres ski is some of the best you’ll find. If you ever stumble into Western New York give it a shot for the weekend. My brother from Cleveland will even meet you out for a run or two.

9. Middlebury Snow Bowl, VT

Home mountain for Middlebury College. 3 lifts, 18 runs, and one day of fun. Meet some of the Middlebury College co-eds, have them give you a look around, and if that doesn’t work out – check out the Blue Spruce for nightly accommodations.

8. Mt. Cranmore, NH

This was the first mountain I ever should have skied. I got bronchitous and my parents made me stay home. I was 7. 20 years later it’s a personal vendetta.

7. Jay Peak, VT

You want to hear a silly number? 400… 400 inches of natural snowfall a season. And they have a tram. The mile high club has NOTHING on Jay.

6. Tuckerman Ravine, NH

I was supposed to ski Tuckerman last season. Life got in the way and I never made it. Come this spring if you want to strap up with us, hike up for one glorious run, and then party like we’re living on borrowed time (because after you take off from the piste of this mountain you might be) then stay tuned. 2012 is the year of The Ravine.

5. Magic Mountain, VT

Love this mountain. Never say die attitude, friendly is an understatement, great back country, and awesome tree skiing.

4. Mad River Glen, VT

Ski It If You Can… over the gap, around the bend, into the lot, and up the single chair – only to come down again (and again and again) to enjoy a different kind of single chair. The base lodge is the #1 distributor of Magic Hat Single Chair in the country. Cheers!

3. Urban Jungle

Sometimes you get dumped on and don’t have any other choice but to stay home. Thinking you can’t shred in your urban homeland is ridiculous. Find a cliff, climb your roof, and get a camera.

2. Lift Line

Woods. Pico. No regrets. Ski it if you can find it. And after you do, find me at Casey’s Caboose for some wings and a few cold ones. Killington apres is second to none.

1. Hickory Ski Center

Hickory is one of those places you don’t want to tell your friends about. It’s like the middle school relationship you had to keep quiet otherwise your after school make outs behind the candy store would vanish faster than you found yourself getting home late every day. But if you never say anything about it; who else are you going to enjoy it with…

If you find yourself skiing one mountain this year, pick Hickory – you won’t regret it.

See you fools on the hill, or at the bar. Most likely the bar but who’s counting. Cheers!


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